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Unleash Your Potential
to Change the World
at a 2018

Join other purpose-driven leaders for a 2.5 day high-energy, high-impact immersive experience that will unleash your leadership potential and empower you to fulfil your mission in 2018 and beyond.

Are You a Purpose-Driven Leader?

Are you leading in a social enterprise, charity, nonprofit, or community organisation?

Are you an aspiring community or political leader?

Are you ready to make 2018 your most effective, most impactful year yet?


Then NOW is the time to unleash your potential to be the world-changing leader you want to be, and the World Changers Intensive will take you there!

The World Changers Intensive is a 2.5 day high-energy, high-impact immersive experience that will unleash your leadership potential and empower you to fulfil your mission in 2018 and beyond.

This business and leadership training experience is unique, because it is specifically tailored to entrepreneurs and leaders like you - the purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders who are working to change the world they live in; leaders of social enterprises, charities, nonprofits, and community organisations.

Over two and a half days, you will be encouraged, equipped, and empowered to make you and your organisation the best you can be.

Who should attend a World Changers Intensive?

  • Are you a purpose-driven leader trying to change the world?
  • Are you leading in a social enterprise, charity, non-profit, or community organisation?
  • Are you aspiring to be a community or political leader?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions and you want to make a greater impact, then you need to join us at a World Changers Intensive - you can’t afford to miss out!

What do I get?

  • 2 ½ days of high-energy, high-impact, immersive leadership growth;
  • Four locations to choose from;
  • All the necessary program materials;
  • An online resource toolkit; and
  • Morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea each day.

PLUS, added extras for sapphire & emerald registrations

  • Pre-Course launchpad program;
  • Free access to the World Changers Live business and leadership strategy program for up to 12 Months;
  • Follow-Up strategy session;
  • V.I.P breakout space (emerald only); and
  • Private V.I.P dinner (emerald only)

The Experience

What Will Your Two-and-a-Half Days Look Like?


The DNA of a World Changer

On day one, we get straight to work with YOU!

  • What's your world-changing vision?
  • What does success look like to you?
  • What drives you?
  • Where are you strong?
  • Where are your key growth opportunities?
  • What does it take to be the best version of you?


The Influence Factor

Leadership is influence; nothing more, nothing less.

If you can’t be a person of influence, you don’t have a hope of fulfilling your mission.

So, on day two, we’re going to give you the tools you need to be a person of influence where ever you need to be - those you lead, those who lead you, your peers, in the marketplace, and beyond. - and we’re going to empower you to use those tools.

Charting the Path

Once we have dug deep into becoming a leader of influence, it’s time for a deep dive into the strategies you need to succeed - whatever success looks like to you.

Know what it takes to rise above the noise, build the resources  you need, rally the right team, and make your difference in the world.


The Impact Zone

You’re a World Changer - that means you do what you do to make a positive impact, whatever your cause or your passion.

On day three we dig deep into how you’re going to maximise that impact.

The impact zone is about taking the tools we’ve been given and leveraging them to maximise our change in the world.

Making it Last

This intensive will be a high-energy, high-impact, life and leadership-changing event.

All too often with these events, we might walk away fired up, but afterwards, the realities of the day-to-day can quell that fire.

So, to round out this event, we’re going to go big on not only keeping the fire burning, but making it burn brighter!

Your Intensive Coach

Matthew J Doyle is 
The World Changers Coach

Matthew is on a mission to  empower purpose-driven leaders to change the world by being the trusted authority in business and leadership strategy for social enterprises, charities, non-profits, community organisations, and community leaders.

Matthew and the Tutt Holland team provide holistic consulting, coaching, and professional development experiences that are engaging, energetic, enthusiastic, and empowering.

With a dedicated and specialised focus on the unique needs of purpose-driven world changers, Matthew is able to give you a unique, tailored focus, and to empower you to fulfil your mission and change the world!


With four experiences across Australia and New Zealand, there's an opportunity near you!

Rockhampton, Qld

22 - 24 May 2018


Auckland, NZ

26 - 28 June 2018


Melbourne, Vic

24 - 26 July 2018


Perth, WA

28 - 30 August 2018


Pricing Options

Three Levels of Experience to Choose From



incl GST

2.5 Day Immersive
Growth Experience

Morning Tea, Lunch, &
Afternoon Tea Daily

Program Workbook

Online Resource Toolkit




incl GST

All RUBY Inclusions

Pre-Event Launchpad
($110 Value)

Follow-Up Strategy Session
($165 Value)

6 Months World Changers Live
($168 Value)




incl GST


All RUBY and
SAPPHIRE Inclusions

Priority Registration &
V.I.P Seating

Private V.I.P Dinner

Private V.I.P
Breakout Room

12 Months World Changers Live
($336 Value)






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